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The Future of Work and the Future for Workers

Staying in the game

I have decided to write my first ever blog! Slightly daunted by how it will go but it is as good a time as ever to be quietly bold.  

It has taken me years to do this. What has held me back I ask myself?

Well. Me basically. No point in going through the reasons. Just excuses. A tendency for procrastination (daydreaming) mixed with a touch of self-doubt (fear of embarrassment) most likely. Now that’s a serious combination of negative attributes guaranteed to stop you achieving your goals. But I digress. That’ll be a topic for a later post.

At some stage in your life though, at whatever stage, you’ve just got to give yourself a mental slap, figuratively speaking, and start to do things differently. Whatever that might be. For me it’s time to write a blog and see if it resonates with anyone. There is a whole list of other stuff on the to do list, but you know, one step at a time!

What’s my objective for the blog? Well I have a vision. I can see a path ahead. A central theme with a rough set of ideas that will provide me with direction and inspiration to keep writing. And hopefully help others in some way. Plus Google likes blogs.

To give you a sense of what my objective is. I’m interested in The Future of Work and the implications for the workforce. For the people! The main questions being. What’s ahead and how can we prepare ourselves for the changing workplace? What do we need to do to stay in the game? What skills should we develop? How important is mind-set? Who are the experts on this topic?

Businesses are under immense pressure to change the way they operate. Think retail companies closing their stores urging people to go online. How about the pandemic!? When will it end! Process automation. Robots. Side hustles. WFH. Task outsourcing. The gig economy. Distributed ledgers. Collaborative AI. Extended VR. Distributed workforces. Industry collapse! There’s a long list of disruptors that will impact contemporary jobs and (so they say) create amazing new ones. For everyone! That’s the optimistic spin. To be honest the change is in full swing now. We can’t flatten this curve! It’s tending upwards and that’s that.

Whatever is around the corner though, people will need to find ways to adapt. I certainly will. My way to contribute here is to visualise my own journey and start doing tangible things to develop my skill set, adjust my mind-set, learn new stuff and search for the experts who know a lot more than I do about this topic. And then blog about it and find interesting content to get out there across my network.

So there you go. That’s the plan. The daydreaming stops and it’s time for action!